About us

Dear clients, business partners,

We would like to briefly introduce our Company "WELD MONT, Ltd." and its activities.

The Company "WELD MONT, s.r.o" in Presov, was founded in 2003 and is composed of a group of professionals from Slovakia, who provide services within the European market in the field of welding, metal working, construction and assembly work, while respecting EU laws and standards.

We do not have any limitations of the capacities required by our clients.

The Company "WELD MONT, s.r.o" assists in providing the implementation of customer needs in the following sectors:


  • Welder, welder technician of various materials
  • Steel structures fitter
  • Carpenter
  • Mason, concrete worker
  • Mason of stone
  • Plumber of water pipes
  • Heating and plumbing fitter
  • Electrical wire fitter
  • Operation of CNC machine tools
  • Auxiliary worker


The aim of  "WELD MONT, s.r.o" is thus to offer to clients with specific requirements a well-trained team of knowledgeable experts capable to fulfill their requirements and to achieve the expected target.

Each client's request is a matter of consulting and preparation of a study in order to implement all the requirements of the client in a best possible way.

Our company cooperates with partners in the EU and specifically in the Republic of Slovenia (construction works), the Republic of Croatia (fitter and welding works) and the Italian Republic (welding, fitter and construction works, operating CNC machines and welding machines).

To meet your and our interests, we would be delighted in meeting you in order to fulfill your requests and expectations.


Ing. Cyril KOMARA

Managing Director

WELD MONT, s.r.o.

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Why we?

  • - Because we advise you what's best for you,
  • - We offer comprehensive services in construction,
  • - We carry out turn-key construction,
  • - We offer quality and professionalism,
  • - We offer you a job.